Mobile Solar Kit Minijoule Island

Power trolly, AGM Battery 100Ah, 60W foldable module, 1500W sine wave inverter; 2x12VDC plug, 2x230VAC plug, 2xUSB, LCD-Display
2.465,10 €/Kit Ready for shipping Delivery time: 1 - 4 weeks Weight: 46.7 kg
DC System Voltage: 12VDC
AC System Voltage: 1x230
Frequency: 50Hz
Battery capacity @ C5: 87Ah
Battery capacity @ C10: 100Ah
Battery capacity @ C20: 107Ah
Battery Type: AGM
Dimension : 410 x 305 x 370 mm
Weight : 46.70 kg

The Minijoule is a complete system for mobile solar power supply. The rolling box includes a high-capacity battery and the entire electronics. The solar module can be transported separately. The box has AC and DC outlets and an USB output. You can power various electrical devices e.g. illumination, a computer, or TV set. It also powers a 1000W microwave, an alarm system, or a garage door for a short time. The Minijoule is applicable for both indoor and outdoor purposes, e.g. for camping since it is waterproof. Due to its practical pull-out handle, Minijoule is convenient to transport.

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