LED Strip Labcraft Powerlux SI3 5-1E

LED lighting unit with 5 LEDs, 12/24V / 8W / IP67, 330 lumen black/white
126,90 €/Piece Ready for shipping Delivery time: 2 - 5 days Weight: 0.46 kg
Dimension : 298 x 100 x 17 mm
Weight : 0.46 kg

The performance comes from 5 x 1.25 watt Power LEDs that draw very little power, and with the addition of an advanced crater reflector, the Powerlux range is up to 3 times brighter than other LED products on the market. The design of the light is both aesthetic and practical. The slim profile means the Powerlux can be installed with minimum intrusion into the load area and the extruded fins allow maximum heat dissipation without the light getting hot. Power LEDs have a life expectancy of over 100,000 hours, so 10 times the life of a fluorescent light and 100 times the life of a standard bulb. The Powerlux range has also been designed to meet a rating of IP67, so it is ideal for wet environments. Labcraft have thoroughly researched the many different LEDs currently available on the market, so you can be assured of getting the very best in quality, light output and energy efficiency at a price that will suit your budget.

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