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If you want to use our online order platform you need to be a registered user.

Once you are registered as Phaesun Customer you get access to all information on our website regarding prices and availability of articles.

For the registration please contact our sales team by phone or email, so that they can send you the contact detail form. You can also use the contact details form from the download section of our website.

As soon as we have received your contact details by fax or email we will provide your personal log-in for the website. This login allows you to get access to the extensive pool of Phaesun products. Beside product information, photos and data sheets of all products, you can also check information about current prices, the availability and delivery time of products and more. You can directly place your orders via the Online Order Platform.

Use the account registration form or contact our sales team for your personal log-in.


You have many options to find the article that fits your needs best. Generally you can use our online catalogue or download the printed version of the catalogue.

With the online catalogue you can find articles by searching or browsing. To do a search type the name of the article, technical attributes or the article number into the search field at the top right of the site. After hitting the search button you get a list of all relevant pages that contain your search word. Click on the links in the search results to get to the appropriate page.
You can also browse the catalogue by category. Just select "Catalogue" from the main menu to see an overview over all main categories and scroll down to the article of your desire. Or choose the desired category directly within the dropdown-main menu.

The detail page of a certain article includes a tab named "related articles" which shows you other articles that fit the current one or are useful to it.

Please contact us if you need more help.

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