Solar-Set 3 200W Hybrid incl. Battery

consists of the following components: 2 Modules ET-M53650, 1 wind generator Air-Breeze 12V Land, 1 charge controller Steca PR 1010, 1 battery Intact Block Power BP 12-150, 1 cable DCS 50 Amx 15m, 1 battery cable 15A fuse
1.724,90 €/Pack. Ready for shipping Delivery time: 2 - 5 days Weight: 67.6 kg
Dimension : 0 x 0 x 0 mm
Weight : 67.60 kg

If you choose a proper place for the wind generator (turbulence-free, 4 m/sec average wind speed), you can reckon with a daily wind power yield of 500Wh. The lacking sunhine in winter is compensated by the stronger winds blowing during the cold season! In the summer season, the two monocrystalline 50W-solar modules can supply a daily solar energy yield of 500-600Wh alone, the wind generator Air Breeze will at least generate 300Wh per day on the average, even at average wind speeds of only 3,6 m/ prevailing at many locations in the inland!

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