Solar Module SolarWorld SW 140 poly R6A

Polycrystalline Solar Module 140Wp, junction box IP65
578,10 €/Piece Ready for shipping Delivery time: 2 - 5 days Weight: 11.8 kg
Dimension : 1508 x 680 x 34 mm
Weight : 11.80 kg

The cells of the Sunmodules are situated behind a protective glazing made of hardened glass and are embedded in transparent EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). The rear of the modules is sealed with a high-grade laminate. The module frame and the enclosed glass are securely attached to one another by universally applied silicon. This guarantees above-average module stability that prevents e.g. the frame from coming loose as a result of sliding snow. The load capacity of the front of the unit of up to 5.4 kN/m2, which meets the IEC 61215 standard, confirms the suitability of the module to withstand large build-ups of snow and ice.
The cabling of our off-grid modules is simple and safe thanks to the splash-proof connection socket. High-quality, spring-type clamps enable quick and secure wiring without special tools. This facilitates installation and speeds up the entire installation process.

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