Solar Module 20W BP Solar SX 320J

BP Solar
Poly Crystalline Solar Solar Module 20W / 12V ? 10% tolerance big connection box single cardboard packing
169,95 €/Piece Ready for shipping Delivery time: 2 - 5 days Weight: 3 kg
Dimension : 425 x 502 x 50 mm
Weight : 3.00 kg

The BP Solar Multi module is an advanced photovoltaic module that uses cells with antireflective Sin Coating. This module range is equally suited to grid connect applications, such as residential systems or installation on commercial roofs, as traditional photovoltaic applications such as telecommunication and rural electrification. The BP range offers a superior price – performance relationship due to its reliability, tedlar back sheet and 36 or 72 advanced polycrystalline cells connected in series.

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