600W UPS; 12VDC, 230VAC, 200Ah battery, 1,5kWh black-out bridging capacity
1.648,85 €/Kit Ready for shipping Delivery time: 1 - 4 weeks Weight: 200 kg
Ingress Protection: IP 65
Dimension : 0 x 0 x 0 mm
Weight : 0.00 kg

The Phaesun Backup Kit is an emergency power supply package including all necessary installation materials. It also contains a battery supported UPS inverter which, in case of a blackout takes the power supply over without interruption. Power failures can be bypassed by both heating circuit and monitoring systems, as well as computers and servers. Apart from battery and UPS inverter, all necessary installation materials such as cables and main switches are also included in the kit.

1 Inverter/Charger
1 Battery
1 DC Circuit Breaker
1 Spelsberg AK05
2 Cable Gland M20
2 Cable Gland Locknut M20
Cable 3m
2 Unisulated Wire End 16mm2
4 Ring Terminal 16mm2
Double Pole Bus Bar for Triple Pole Circuit Breaker

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